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Arc Equine Carbon Rubber Pads- Pair
These second generation, small round Carbon Rubber Pads have been designed to be smoother, more comf..
Starting at : $29.99
Arc Equine Charger-US
This charger is compatible for the charging of the ArcEquine Delivery Unit. Charging times do vary, ..
Starting at : $24.99
Arc Equine Conductive Gel
This Conductive Gel has been specifically formulated for use in conjunction with the Carbon Rubber P..
Starting at : $9.99
Arc Equine Drawstring Bag
These medium-sized Drawstring Bags provide a tidy solution for carrying around your ArcEquine and co..
Starting at : $11.99
Arc Equine Leg Strap
This Leg Strap is specifically for use with the ArcEquine Delivery Unit only. This Leg Strap has bee..
Starting at : $24.99
Arc Equine Therapy System Kit
ArcEquine is a compact, portable, battery operated device, which delivers drug free, non-invasive Mi..
Starting at : $499.00
Vet Strider
Equine Poultice Boot & Hoof ProtectionSUPPORTED BY VETS FOR THE USE ON: • HOOF ABSCESSES • PUNCT..
Starting at : $29.95
Vet Strider Cable Ties-  Pack of 5
Pack of 5 replacement ties for the Vet Strider. Only use this product with VET-STRIDER as they have ..
Starting at : $6.95